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Design Advice for your project

Die casting is one of the fastest and most cost-effective methods for producing a wide range of components. However, to achieve maximum benefits from this process, it is critical that designers collaborate with the die caster at an early stage of the product design and development.

Consulting with Pacific Die Casting's in house Design Team during the design phase will help resolve issues affecting tooling and production, while identifying the various trade-offs that could affect overall costs.

We are here to help you from the first step

A number of factors affect the final design of a die cast component. Often, however, simple design changes can have a significant impact on the cost, speed of production and usefulness of the part. For example, casting drill spots may be preferred to casting a cored through hole. Even though an extra step is required, offhand drilling after casting may be simpler and less expensive than creating a complex die with numerous cores.

With all customer prints or computer files at hand for CAD die design, Pacific Die Casting can often make important castability suggestions for significant cost reductions-or eliminate future casting problems which later processing adjustments may be unable to overcome.

Pacific Die Casting’s use of cast-flow simulation and thermal analysis software, prior to die construction, optimizes die gating and runner designs to assure proper metal flow and fill.

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